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Trinidad Civic Club Community Service Project

Hospital Gratitude Baskets & Protective Wear

The Trinidad Civic Club showed its appreciation to local hospital personnel by creating gratitude baskets filled with treats, which were delivered to Mad River Community and St. Joseph Hospitals last week. A chance meeting between Holly Slay of Trinidad, an Emergency Room nurse at St. Joseph Hospital, and Dana Hope, Trinidad Civic Club Co-President, inspired the project. When the vision was shared with Co-President Jan West, Civic Club and community members were invited to donate and responded with donations, which included goodies for the baskets, face masks and surgical caps sewn by Carol Brainerd of Big Lagoon.

Civic Club members Patty Stearns and Barbara Cline, along with Carol Brainerd and Carol Cox of McKinleyville, also sewed masks that have been distributed to the Trinidad Community, including Trinidad Mobile Produce Pantry recipients, city employees, postal and grocery workers.

Click here to read the Times-Standard article, written by Heather Shelton.

Sharon Winnett & her sweet Bella

Hearts of Gratitude

Hearts of Gratitude

Inspired by her grandchildren’s stay-at-home school project, creating “Happy Hearts” to hang in their windows, Trinidad Civic Club member Sharon Winnett decided to do a heart project of her own, but with a small twist. She inscribed a set of “Gratitude Hearts” to honor the many workers who are keeping all of us going through this extraordinarily difficult and challenging time. They hang on her fence in Trinidad, and remind all who pass by how important community is to all of us. Many of those passers-by stop to view, comment and even photograph the hearts, and around town now we are seeing similar expressions on people’s homes.

Thank you, Sharon, for your spirit of appreciation and inspiration to the Trinidad community!

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