The Trinidad Civic Club has been awarding the academic Carmen and James Kidder Annual Scholarship since 1977. In 2015, the Club also began offering the trade school vocational scholarship. These two $1,000 scholarships are funded by community and member donors, as well as the Dessert Cafe' bake sale at the annual Trinidad Fish Festival.

The 2020 scholarships were awarded to two local 12th grade students: Cecelia Eggleston (Arcata High School) to study obstetric/gynecologic medicine at UCLA, and Max Myrick (McKinleyville High School) to study culinary arts at the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute.

Cecelia Eggleston

Max Myrick

Click here to download the 2021 ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

2021 Academic Application.pdf

Click here to download the 2021 TRADE SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION (New deadline 4/9/21)

2021 Trade School Application April 9.pdf

James & Carmen Kidder