RELOCATING The Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse

What Happened?

Coastal erosion and heavy rainfall undermined the stability of the landmark structure. Local engineers advised the Trinidad Civic Club that the Lighthouse would not survive another rainy winter. It was moved on January 10, 2018 to a temporary location in the Trinidad Harbor area at the invitation of the Cher-ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria. Until January 5, 2018, the Club did not have an alternative site, so their generous offer was gratefully accepted.

What Are the Plans & Costs For Developing The Memorial Lighthouse Site?

The Yurok Tribe, the Trinidad Civic Club and the Trinidad Rancheria were liaisons on a committee to find a new permanent location for the Memorial Lighthouse Site. The local community was invited to provide input and give suggestions, after which the harbor location was selected for the permanent site. The process has begun for developing the new site, which will include the Lighthouse, the historic bell, the name plaques and a flagpole. The process involves obtaining a Coastal Development permit, as well as designing, engineering, contracting and construction expenses. Our fundraising goal for the permanent site is yet to be determined, but we know the costs will be enormous. Our partnership with the Yurok Tribe and the Trinidad Rancheria will be instrumental in providing resources and assistance for this endeavor, but the support of our local Trinidad community and Humboldt County residents will be essential if this memorial site is to be relocated and reconstructed.

Why is it Important to Rebuild the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse Site?

The site commemorates the lives of 221 people buried at sea and 23 local fishermen, Coast Guardsmen & pilots who have been lost at sea. The historical structure was built in 1949 with the Fresnel lens from the original Lighthouse on Trinidad Head. The Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse is the most iconic landmark of Humboldt County & the North Coast--the most visited, most photographed and most remembered site of all! The Civic Club has a responsibility to those who have entrusted the memory of their loved ones to us for generations to come.

What Can You Do?

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated: Join the Memorial Lighthouse Friends for recognition on our website & at events; send us a check; donate via PayPal; visit our store and display tables to purchase Memorial Lighthouse Memorabilia.

Trinidad Civic Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and your donation is tax-deductible.

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