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As you contemplate estate planning, consider the community you love and an enduring way to have a positive impact by leaving a charitable gift to the Trinidad Civic Club that aligns with your personal philanthropic goals. Your generosity demonstrates lifetime values and reminds heirs that giving is a heartfelt gesture of hope for the future.


Community Development: The Trinidad Civic Club has had a significant impact on the Trinidad community in over 100 years of service since our founding in 1913. From helping with building and maintaining the Town Hall, to erecting a concrete cross on Trinidad Head (where the original wooden cross was placed by Spanish explorers in 1775), to building the landmark Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse, the Civic Club women have endeavored to enhance their beloved community. The library, cemetery, school, fire department, tennis courts and more have benefited from efforts of the Club. All these endeavors have a tremendous impact on our community.

Scholarship Programs: Two scholarship recipients are honored each year. The Carmen and Jim Kidder Scholarship is awarded for academic achievement to pursue a college or university degree. The trade scholarship supports technical training for skill development. The scholarship program reflects our commitment to education and youth, along with our Student of the Month programs, recognizing citizenship at Trinidad and Big Lagoon Schools.

Health & Human Services: A number of non-profit organizations have benefited from Club donations. The Club has raised thousands of dollars for the CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) program for foster children in the court system. Other programs include The Betty Chinn Homeless Foundation, Humboldt Domestic Violence Services, Eureka Rescue Mission, Trinidad Food Bank, Backpack for Kids and other worthwhile organizations meeting the needs in our community. Health initiatives include 1957 polio clinics in our Clubroom, Blood Bank sponsorship for over 35 years, hundreds of masks and surgical caps the community and hospital workers during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, along with Gratitude Baskets for local hospital workers.

Memorial Sites for Lost or Buried at Sea: The 1949 Memorial Lighthouse was built to preserve maritime history with the 1871 Fresnel lens and the 1898 Bell. The Lighthouse became a monument to those lost or buried at Sea when the Memorial site was established in 1975. A lovely Memorial Ceremony has been conducted since 1995 to honor those engraved on the plaques. Coastal erosion in 2018 required the moving of the Memorial Lighthouse to the Trinidad Harbor, where a new memorial site is being constructed. As stewards of the Lighthouse and Memorial sites, the Club maintains and provides all the funds for ongoing maintenance and paid $80,000 for moving the Lighthouse. A major fundraising campaign will pay for engineers, Coastal Commission permits, site designers and construction costs for the new Memorial Lighthouse Project.


Any gift, regardless of size, will be greatly appreciated to support our mission of service:

The Trinidad Civic Club is a non-profit, community-service organization devoted to civic improvement, stewardship of the Memorial Lighthouse, child welfare, education and the promotion of harmonious community spirit.

Please explore these tax-deductible options:

1. Wills, Trusts or Outright Gifts: May be made directly, through a will/trust or through a private foundation. Suggested wording for a trust: “To the Trinidad Civic Club, a non-profit organization for the support of its mission in the community.” For giving to specific programs, you may designate the Scholarship Program or the Memorial Lighthouse Project. Please refer to the Memorial Lighthouse Friends List under the Donate Tab on our website: www.trinidadcivicclub.org.

2. Permanent Endowment Fund: A gift by establishing an endowment fund through the Humboldt Area Foundation stating: “This gift shall be invested, reinvested and kept invested with only the income therefrom used for the support of the Trinidad Civic Club.”

3. IRA: Designating distribution money from an IRA is not included in the owner’s income and thus, not taxed. If you are over 70.5 years old, you qualify to simply ask your investment institution to make a qualified distribution to the Trinidad Civic Club.

4. Real Property: Real estate qualifies for a tax deduction based on the current appreciated value. The Club accepts estate sale items of value, including art, collectables and jewelry, which can be sold at fundraising events to benefit our worthwhile causes.


For Wills & Beneficiary Gifts:

1. Contact your retirement plan administrator, bank or financial institution for a change-of-beneficiary form.

2. Decide the percentage (from 1 to 100%) you would like the Civic Club to receive and then name the TCC, along with the percentage, on the beneficiary form.

3. Return the completed form as instructed.

For an Endowment Fund:

Contact the private fund administrator or the Humboldt Area Foundation (707-442-2993) for guidelines.

For Real Property:

Contact one of the officers below to discuss your gift. Real property can be written in your Trust Letter of Intention designating who will receive estate personal possessions.

TRINIDAD CIVIC CLUB, INC. is a member of the parent organization, California Federation of Women’s Clubs with EIN 95-2009211 GEN 82S8. The organization holds IRS 501c(3) Tax Exempt Status covering some of its subordinated member Clubs and Districts, including the Trinidad Civic Club. These women’s clubs are also affiliated with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs in Washington, D.C.


For questions or additional information, please contact:

Jan West, Fundraising Chair & Co-President

Trinidad Civic Club



Patti Fleschner, Treasurer

Trinidad Civic Club



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